Aims and objectives

This event will definitely not be “yet another conference on the media”. It will offer a unique forum to discuss opportunities and risks for media pluralism resulting from new media. It will not only give a comprehensive update of recent developments in the field, but also bring stimulating speeches from people who do not have entrenched ideas and people speaking who are capable of saying things that change views, such as top politicians, judges and industry leaders from the traditional and new media.

The event will pull together different strands of discussions that are currently taking place at EU level. In different forums, including Vice President Kroes’ High Level Group, the Media Futures Forum, the European Parliament committees, the European Citizens’ Initiative on Media Pluralism, the Centre for Media Freedom and Pluralism at the European Institute, media pluralism is currently intensely debated. This event is the ideal opportunity to bring together representatives of these different constituencies and explore common issues more in more depth

At the conclusion of the event, a report will be prepared setting out the issues discussed at the forum, the goals to be achieved and working towards those goals within a specified period with subsequent debates/workshops to be scheduled over the coming year (among others, in the context of the Centre for Media Pluralism and Freedom in Florence). Developments in technology pose new challenges and unless a coherent media policy on citizens’ right to information is in place, the development of a competitive and pluralistic media market will be compromised.